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Data Administration

Data administration and management is an overarching term that refers to all aspects of creating, housing, delivering, maintaining and retiring data with the goal of valuing data as a corporate asset.

Our Expertise
    • Business case and trends researches.
    • Data back-up strategies.
    • Implementing the data management plan.
    • Mapping out data modification.
Our Service
    • Data mining/data cleansing of clients data base.
    • Data recovery and migration.
    • Data Management.
    • Data maintenance and Sharing.
    • Data Security.


The user experience(UX), big data, smart machines and of course, change itself have proven big players in the business landscape barring any unexpected disruptions. The IoT, Ai, Analytics, Edge, 5G put together is the IoT that keep popping up repeatedly.

This is why is has found its way to the top. However IoT alone is just the start, it isn’t so much about the things but rather what we do with these things once they are connected and supplying us data. “Gartner” estimates more than 8.4 billion things are on internet today, more than 30% in 2017. IDC predicts 40% of all compute will happen at edge in just the next couple years.

Our Expertise
    • Penetration Testing to identify system vulnerabilities and strengths.
    • Cyber security (All IoT Secu-Item & Solution)
    • Data Building- bespoke customised ICT solution ensuring transformation and adding value to clients.
    • Build and maintain C – level marketing contact list of decision makers for African enterprise and companies with direct email addresses.
    • Access restriction in order to avoid un authorized entrance, resource, usage, consumption, ID theft and data interception
Our Service
    • Supplying B2B data lists and conduct key insight surveys across Africa for both business and consumer.
    • New clients profiling and clients prospecting.
    • Demand generation and sales lead for African countries.
    • High end technology focused Leads for Africa.
    • Strategic Consulting on how to approach Africa to get results and ROI
    • Appointment setting campaigns with corporate clients.

Solution & Technology Consulting

Business processes are interconnected, Afriko advises clients on cost effective solutions and technologies for their entities in order to successfully meet their vision, mission and objectives goals.

Our Expertise
    • To improve corporate efficiencies and productivity by providing BI advisory.
    • Assisting clients to expand quickly in other regions even in remote locations.
    • To leverage corporates with global talent/resource pools, while expanding and manage technology infrastructure/applications footprint.
Our Service
    • Current and 4.0 industrial evolution technology advisory for solutions, operations, staffing requirements and cost analysis.
    • Operational trouble shooting with solution package to identified faults which support clients’ decision making.
    • Providing custom analytic business processes and re-engineering service.
    • Analyse and identify clients industry new trend to compete more effectively in the market place.
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